SCVG's Blueprint

  • By 2025, Our Maha Vidyasthan will emerge as a Nationally recognized Vedic Centre of Excellence  offering Vedic studiesin all streams ofVedas viz. Pancha Vedas, Sasthrams and Prayoga patams.
  • SCVG Maha Vidyasthan will become SCVG Vedic Research Academy

Performance Report for the Year 2021 – 2022

Offerings: We are now offering 3 Vedas/ 5 Shakhas at our Maha Vidyasthan. The highlight of the past year is the addition of Shukla Yajur Veda (Madhyandina Shakha). Sanskrit education is given utmost priority.

Students: Student strength increased to 193 out of the planned target of 210 with an achievement %age of 92%.

Teachers: Our Adhyapaks are young, skilled and highly qualified. Teacher to Student ratio is kept at 1:20. Addedone Adhyapak each in Madhyandina and Kanva Shakha of Shukla Yajur Vedam and one in Krishna Yajur Vedam.

Infrastructure: Additional facilities added to facilitate seamless learning at the Maha Vidyasthan includes:

  • A larger library
  • Yagnya Shala
  • Sanskrit and Academic classrooms
  • Additional space for Vedic wings, Staffrooms
  • Purified water plant,
  • Solar power backup to cover Fans, Lights in all 4 blocks (Phase-1)
  • Additional automated Kitchen equipment
  • Automation of Water inlet systems
  • New Cycles and Cycle track and
  • Inauguration of Chathurveda Patnam, our new campus
    • Acquired land to aid our mission fulfilment
    • Boomi Pooja was performed on 13th March 2022 by Sri Kanchi Acharya
    • Architecting our future campus for the maha gurukulam in progress

Gau Samrakshanam: New varieties of Gaumathas like Rathi, Sahiwal, Punganur and Ongole were added to the Gohshala, taking the total count to 92. We are shifting our Gohshala to the Chathurveda Patnam by August 2022. We have also built a new shed for stocking hay.

The Board: The Board now has 3 Trustees and 7 Advisory and Management committee members who lead the institution with utmost professionalism.

Quality: Our Adhyapaks continue to get rewarded "The Best" as in previous years.
Our Employee and student welfare policies are best designed on corporate guidelines and administered in the best possible manner. Our students who appeared for various exams come out with flying colours.

Awards won: Our Adhyapaks continue to receive awards from various organisations.

  • Brahma Sri Kumara Guru Ganapati, our Chief Adhyapak received 4 Nos. Paritoshika award from VRNT
  • Brahma Sri Pattabhirama Ganapati (Rig Vedam) received Best Teacher award from Kanchi Mutt.

Examinations: Our Vidhyarthis continue to excel in exams conducted by various organisations and came out with flying colours.

Plans for 2022 – 2023

Offerings: We are planning to enhance our offerings with the following.

  • Atharva Veda (Shounaka Shakha)
  • Imparting Shastra Patams on full-time basis
  • Commencing Prayoga Patams
  • Teaching Shroutam
  • Training interested students in Pravachanam
  • Camps/ Workshops/ Seminars
    • Workshop on Sanskrit
    • Special workshop on English Grammar and Comprehension
    • Camp on Sthri Dharmam for Girl children
    • Veda camps for Gruhasthas through weekend classes
    • Conduct Guest lectures/ Special seminars by inviting scholars from various Vedic disciplines

Students: We are targeting to take 85 Vidyarthis for the upcoming year, taking the total strength to become 250+.

Current Student Strength



New In-take



Shukla Yajur Vedam (Kanva Shakha)



Shukla Yajur Vedam (Madhyandina Shakha)



Krishna Yajur Vedam



Rig Vedam



Sama Vedam



Atharva Vedam



Less Students graduating in 2022 – 2023



Total strength



We have plans to add one more Adhyapak in Rig Vedam. In order to enhance Vidyarthi's psychological and physical fitness, we are adding a Yoga/ Sports Teacher.


  • Campus solarization Phase 2
  • A stadium for indoor games
  • Mandapam/ Seminar Hall modernisation
  • Mini health/ Fitness center
  • Campus facelift
  • Extended Kids playground
  • Civil material storage shed
  • Health Care Center

Quality, Reach, Safety and Security:

  • ISO Certification
  • FCRA Approval
  • Operation reach expansion
  • Additional CCTV coverage for Campus Safety
  • Drainage Management
  • Enhanced campus-wide network coverage

Carrier Plan:
Students to be earmarked for specialised coaching at the appropriate time and groomed in their respective streams of specialization keeping their career in mind.

Campus Features

  • Land Area : 5.2 Acres
  • Planned Construction Area : 1,25,000 Sq Ft.,
  • Land and Construction Budget : 31.25 Crores (of which land is already acquired for 4.25 Crores)
  • No of Students : 800
  • At Maha Vidyasthan : 550
  • No of Blocks : 6 (Study, Student, Administrative, Utility, Staff and Guest Quarters) and a large play area.

SCVG VEDIC RESEARCH ACADEMY - Study Block ( To have: Class Rooms, Library, Tech Based Learning Aids, etc., )

SCVG VEDIC RESEARCH ACADEMY -Student Block (Dormitory Type, Yoga and Meditation Hall, Prayer Hall)


SCVG VEDIC RESEARCH ACADEMY - Utility Block ( Kitchen , Dining, Stores, Laundry, Equipments, Restrooms, Power backup, Electrical and Electronic Gadgets, Servant Quarters, Upkeep Materials, Play Equipments, etc., )

Long Term Growth Plans

  • Our growth ambition is on 2 aspects.
    • Enhance our activity base to offer all streamsof Vedas and related studies.
    • To grow our student strength by more than 5 timesin 5 years.
  • To develop infrastructure to meet the growth plans.
  • The Estimated cost of construction per sq. ft. is Rs. 2,500/-

Immediate Up-gradation Needs

  • There is a host of immediate requirements that need. /li>
  • Attention for the current operations to run seamlessly.
  • Details are listed under the support requirements tab.