Today our Athur Vedashram has attained another milestone on the infra up gradation front.
As you know, next to Shukla Yajur Veda, Rig Veda stream is gaining strength. Though started fresh in 2018-19 academic year only, currently there are 28 Vidhyarthis pursuing Rig Veda under the tutelage of Brahmasri Pattabhirama Ganapatigal.
So far we assigned a smaller block of 1500 sqft within our Athur Patashala campus for this stream of Rig Veda.
Considering its growth, over the last 8 months, we have built a new floor (above the Krishna Yajur Veda Patashala) with a floor space of 3100 sqft.
We inaugurated this Block by name AGNI, and dedicated it for Rig Veda Patashala today.
This facility has the capacity to accommodate upto 60 Vidhyarthis.
Provisios have been created for:
a) 4 class sessions to concurrently happen in this floor.
b) Residence for Main and Upa Vadhyar in-house .
c) a mini Office to handle routines.
Request all your prayers for the Vedashram to keep achieving many more such milestones in the years to come and keep fulfilling the core objectives taken up.
.,… காமகோடி R, ஸ்தாபகர்.
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