About Our Foundation

Sri Chathurveda Vidhya Ganapathi Vedashram was established in 2012 with the Divine Grace of Sri Jagadguru Kanchi Acharyas and the blessings of the parents of the founder Sri R.Kamakoti.

This vedashram is run by a public charitable trust by name "SCVG Trust". The Vedashram is located in Krishna Garden Layout, Athur Village near Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu.

Sri Ramamurthy Iyer and Smt. Mangalam

Sri Sri Kanchi Acharyas

The Vedashram's Primary Objectives are

  1. Imparting Vedas to eligible children and mould them as Pundits of tomorrow - Veda rakshanam
  2. Protecting Gaumathas - Gau Samrakshanam
  3. Temple administration and prayogam

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Our Secondary ( Social ) Objective

To be a catalyst for social transformation.

Schemes for different sections of our community / society:

  • Veda Camps for School children - Boys during their summer camp
  • "Kalachara Kalanjiam" - An indepth workshop for Girl children below 13 years
  • Anushtanam and Pooja Vidhanam course for Gruhasthas
  • Vedic classes in Gated communities and Vedic chantings in temples at residential localities.
  • Kruthika Mandala Parayanams at well wishers' homes
  • Strategic tie up's with like-minded Institutions for the cause of spreading Vedas - For now, 7 such institutions have been supported

Our Pillars of Success

Our Learned Teachers

Our Meritorious and charming Vidhyarthis

Caring and selfless operations team with highest commitment.

Carefully nurtured Culture of inclusivity and harmony

Supportive Parents


The Ever encouraging SUPPORTERS - YOU

Veda Rakshanam

  • Vedas are taught in a typical Gurukul System. The Vedashram imparts studies in Rig Veda, Shukla Yajur Veda, Krishna Yajur Veda and Sama Veda.
  • Vidhyarthis hail from Five States, Viz Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telengana, Karnataka & Maharashtra and from the City of Varanasi.
  • Students are admitted from the age of 7, upon completing their Upanayana Samskaram
  • Vidhyarthis once admitted can complete their Vedic course up till their Ganapatams and learn Prayogam.
  • The Vedashram has got long term plans to bring in all streams of Vedas under its umbrella. The year on year plans are listed under MISSION 2025 Tab.

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Goh Samrakshanam

  • Vedashram houses a Well maintained Gaushala with all basic amenities built in it. 62 Gaumathas (cows and their calves) are under the care of the Ashram. All are of Desi varieties brought from various States of the country and are being nurtured in the Gaushala. Of these, 17 are milk yielding, 19 are in different growth cycles, 20 are calves, 3 are Bulls and 3 are Elder ones and non milking types
  • The Desi Cow ( Native )varieties we breed are Tharparker, Kankrej, Gir, Rathi, Ongole, Sindhi , Sahiwal and Vechur
  • A Veterinary Doctor is engaged for giving preventive and periodic medical care.
  • Periodic vaccines are being administered to all the Cows and calves
  • Nithya Gau Pooja is being performed at Brahma Muhoortha Time prior to opening up of our Temple inside the Campus.
  • Gau Pooja is performed by and on behalf of our devotees every day at 10.30 a.m. offering prayers for their Family's well being.

Our Temple

  • Vedashram has a temple with "Sri Sruthi Kamakshi Ambal" as the prime deity with sannadhis for Sri Chandramoulieeswara Swami, Sri Chathurveda Vidhya Ganapathi Swami, Sri Bala Subramania Swami, Sri Kanchi Maha Swamigal and sannadhis for Parivara Dhevathas.
  • Nithya abhishega aradhanas are being performed between 6 and 7.30 am by our Vidhyarthis under the guidance of our Adhyapaks.
  • Visesha Poojas during Pradhosham,  Sashti, Pournami, Krithigai, Chathurthi, Anusham are performed in the temple on respective Pakshams and Thidhis.
  • Visesha Poojas like Ganapathi Homam on Chathurthi dhinam, Aavahanthi homam on Anusham days, Pooja to Lord Shiva during Pradhoshams are also being performed every month.
  • Sri Chandi Homam is performed on  Temple Prathishta Dhinam every year.
  • Sri Maha Periyava's Jayanthi and Aradhana mahothsavams are performed every year in a grand scale with Chathurveda Parayanams, Special Homams, Abhishega Alankara Archanas, Veedhi Ula, etc.
  • Athi Visesha Karyakramams are also undertaken and performed on days of spiritual significance.


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Students Profile

  • Vidhyarthis are our valuable Assets
  • Our Vidhyarthis maintain CONSISTENT OUTSTANDING academic track records. All of them score top ranks throughout.
  • Apart from VRNT - Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust - the Authorized Examining and Certifying body of Kanchi Sankara Mutt, Vidhyarthis give Exams conducted by all leading Mutts and come out with flying colours.
  • 19 Vidhyarthis have successfully completed Ganantham and 31 of them completed Kramantham from our Vedashram.
  • The Vedashram follows an integrated curriculum whereby our Vidyarthees are coached to take up academic exams - 10th & 12th exams - in parrellel.
  • Being a residential course, Vidhyarthis are imparted education and offered shelter, food, clothing, study materials FREE of charge during the entire tenure of their education by SCVG Trust.
  • Not a Rupee is charged to the Parents during their entire tenure of Vedic Education.

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Teachers Profile

  • Vedashram's Teachers - Both Vedic and Academic - are the BEST and are HIGHLY QUALIFIED in their respective fields.
  • The Vedashram empowers all its Teachers to lead the Institution from the front.
  • The Ashram offers holistic education, which includes Vedic and Academic education, to its Vidhyarthis
  • Through their dedicated efforts 19 students have passed out from the institution so far and all of them are well settled in their chosen field of preference - as Purohits, Temple priests, Vedic and Sanskrit teachers and a few even got employment opportunities in Govt. recognized educational institutions.


  • There are 7 Vedic Teachers, 2 Sanskrit Teachers and 3 Subject Teachers on full time rolls of the Vedashram.
  • Our Principal and Chief Adhyapak (Vedic Teacher) Shri Kumara Guru Ganapati is a highly acclaimed Vedic Scholar. He is on rolls from Day 1 of the Vedhashram. He leads the Shukla Yajur Veda wing of our Vedashram
  • Sri S Harihara Ganapati , Sri Manoj Ganapati and Sri Srinivasa Ganapati are upa adhyapaks imparting Vedic education in Shukla Yajur Veda. All 3 completed their Ganantham from SCVG Vedashram itself.
  • Sri Pattabhirama Ganapati leads our Rig Veda wing and is our senior Adhyapak
  • Sri. Raghavan Ganapati leads our Krishna Yajur veda wing and is our Adhyapak.
  • Sri Kalyana Rama Sroudhigal leads our Sama Veda and is our Adhyapak
  • Sri. Sankararama Sasthri & Sri. Rangamadhavan are our full time Sanskrit teachers.
  • Smt. Usha is our English Teacher
  • Smt. Bhuvaneswari Swaminathan is our Maths and Social Science Teacher

Vedic Teacher

Vedic Teacher

Vedic Teacher

Vedic Teacher

Vedic Teacher

Vedic Teacher

Vedic Teacher

Sanskrit Teacher

Sanskrit Teacher

Yoga Teacher

English Teacher

Maths Teacher

  • Sri Rishi - Founder, Sathyananda Yoga Centre, Chennai - imparts Yoga for all our Children

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